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Worship Experiences

Planting Seeds: Focus on care for Creation during special worship services, such as on Earth Day or Creation Sunday. Learn more.

Nurturing Growth: Include reflections and messages centered on Creation in worship at least once per season. Learn more.

Deepening Roots: Make regular reference to Creation in worship experiences throughout the year. Learn more.

Reconnecting with Nature

Planting Seeds: Participate in a nature appreciation event (a hike, retreat, garden visit, etc.). Learn more.

Nurturing Growth: Offer an outdoor nature appreciation / conservation event in your community. Learn more.

Deepening Roots: Host a nature event that invites people outside your faith tradition or community. Learn more.

Prayer and Meditation

Planting Seeds: Spend time in prayer, meditation, or contemplation and explore the Sacred Texts from your spiritual tradition. Learn more.

Nurturing Growth: Engage a regular prayer or meditation practice centered around Creation (such as praying the Creation Psalms). Learn more.

Deepening Roots: Practice radical Sabbath and provide opportunities for meditation, prayer, and reflection in outdoor spaces. Learn more.


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