Eco-Spirituality: An Invitation

In the busyness of Earth Month actions, events, and the rest of our lives, it can be easy to forget to spend time with creation as a part of creation. And so, here are a few ideas to help you get outside and spend intentional time being filled by the beauty of flora, fauna, and creatures great and small. 


-Go on a short walk, or sit outside, each day. Notice what brings you joy or inspiration and keep a gratitude journal of your experiences. 

-Stargaze with family or friends. WNC is privileged to have many spaces where you can easily marvel at the stars. Invite a loved one to join you as you gaze up together—from your backyard, porch, or even atop the parkway. 

-Learn your neighbor’s names. Most of us don’t know the names of our most present neighbors—like the birds that frequent our bird feeders or the plants that grow at the edge of the woods. Get to know the species around you this month as a way to deepen your relationship with, and commitment to, creation.

-Get creative. Andy Goldsworthy is a well-known artist who uses found natural objects to create beautiful pieces. Look him up, and consider how/what you might create. You can also try painting with mud. 🙂 

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