The Creation Care Alliance of Western North Carolina aims to bring together morally-driven citizens and organizations, whether they are clergy, congregations, people of faith, or other community members, to support and expand our creation care efforts through inspiration, education, service and advocacy.

We work with many partner organizations, faith leaders and topic area experts to host educational events and share information and resources with our supporters. Examples of nationally renowned leaders in the movement for climate justice who we have invited to Asheville for events include  Katharine Hayhoe, Tim DeChristopher, and John Frey.  In partnership with The Wake Forest School of Divinity, we are hosting a Clergy Retreat with Dr. Norman Wirzba.  We have hosted panel discussions as a part of the Wild Goose Festival in Hot Springs, NC where we bring an inter-faith perspective to discussions on current climate change issues. We also offer two experiences with a youth focus with Mission: Earth and the SOIL Conference.  Check out our events calendar to see upcoming opportunities to learn with us or visit our resource page to access the valuable information you can use in working within your own community to advance creation care.

Take Action!

Join us for an educational program to learn about ways you can care for creation.

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