Fast and Prayer for Climate Nov. 12-21

Rev. Laura Collins offered prayers on Monday to support Dr. Steve Norris in his Thanksgiving fast for people and creation as we face climate change.  He plans to fast for 10 days and will be present at Vance Monument from about 7:30 am to sundown each day.  Please consider joining him for conversation and/or to offer solidarity. You may also plan to fast or pray from where you are and let him know you are with him.  Each day at noon there will be a blessing read or prayer offered.

You can see News coverage of the first day as reported by WLOS 

“Gandhi fasted when he became desperate about what happened in India. I feel desperate about climate change,” Organizer Dr. Steve Norris said of the reasons behind the fasting and prayers.

Norris said his concerns have been growing as he watches natural disasters worsening.

You can learn more by contacting Steve at

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