Join CCA Labyrinth Walk

Have you ever walked a labyrinth? Perhaps you have walked many. Regardless, you’re invited to join in this meditative practice with CCA’s intern, Aundreya. Each labyrinth walk is unique in its own way. This walk will focus on Creation work and what that means to each individual. It can be a meditation on all that is taken from Mother Earth that evolves into thinking of ways to give back to Earth. Creation Care is heavy work, laced with grief. It is also sacred work with so much hope. Perhaps this labyrinth walk would present the potential to lay down grief and burdens, and walk away with more hope. Labyrinth owner, Johanna, believes that within each walk, “… whatever is occurring is divinely inspired or cosmically led, for the person experiencing it for the moment they are in.” This walk offers the potential to motivate and refresh us in our creation care work in a myriad of ways!

If you would like to join on Thursday, July 29 at 6 PM, please register here.