Love and humanity during a crisis (COVID-19)

It is clear that “business as usual” has been disrupted by COVID-19 and our reactions to this uncertainty are varied. Many of us have encountered great challenges and yet beauty and compassion remain visible and within reach. I have been reminded by others about the human capacity to practice compassion. Even while being encouraged to practice “social distancing” people at our best can seek to act out of love. While we face this very real threat that is unfolding if we also have a renewed opportunity?  The cost of this disruption is and will be great and will challenge us on every level. This virus presents us with questions of life and death and reveals the inequity of and interconnectedness of our systems. And yet this moment unlike any other moment and just like every other moment offers invitations.

How will I be more human in this moment?   

How will I be more loving in this moment?

Christian Author Richard Rohr puts it this way.  “We must—yes, must—make a daily and even hourly choice to focus on the good, the true, and the beautiful.” 

I am grateful to have already experienced glimpses of this. People from a local congregation delivered flowers of gratitude to people in professions like health care workers, grocers, and social workers. People are distributing food and supplies to neighbors and children, artists like David LaMotte, are offering creative ways to fill our hearts and connect with one another by offering online concerts. Congregations and individuals are checking in on their more vulnerable neighbors and making plans to support them while at a safe distance. You may have a story to share about how love is creatively emerging. 

The Creation Care Alliance and MountainTrue are exploring ways to support you and your congregation in the weeks ahead (ideas are welcome). One way is to share your online worship and wisdom resources with our greater community.

Let us know if you are offering online worship or classes here. 

Find some of the local congregations that are connected to CCA that are offering spiritual connection and care via the web here.   

Congregations can find help with loans through the CARES act.  Learn more HERE. 

We will be postponing many of our gatherings to support community health and the efforts of county, local and national officials.

May wisdom, compassion, light, and peace accompany us as we walk this unmarked trail. 

Grace and Peace,