Moving beyond coal – and the rhetoric around it. Guest Columnist Sarah Ogletree and Abbey Ende


Sarah Ogletree

CCA Intern, Sarah Ogletree and Asheville High School Student, Abbey Ende wrote a column for the Asheville Citizen-Times regarding coal and hopes for the future.  They wrote:

“To address the complicated social, environmental, and economic issues of coal in America, we must hear from multiple sides of the story. We must listen to the voices of coal miners as well as advocates for the Paris Climate Agreement. We must recognize that burning coal is contributing to climate change, while also recognizing that the move toward clean and renewable energy is leaving many in rural Appalachia without jobs. Many who work in the coal industry do so simply to put food on the table, and they deserve another option. They also deserve our respect. We must work toward a just transition in which rural Appalachian communities are valued, while workers are trained in clean energy technology and given jobs. There is a way.”

Read more here. 

June 19, 2017

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