Creation Care Alliance of Western North Carolina


Fall Book Study: All We Can Save, An Eco-Justice Conversation

Earlier this year, we gathered to read Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and Katherine K. Wilkinson’s acclaimed compilation, All We Can Save: Truth, Courage, & Solutions for the Climate Crisis. It was a powerful time of conversation and learning. That’s why we’re doing…

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Sacred Space, Sacred Rights: Reflecting on the Braiding Sweetgrass Book Study

In our discussion of Part 3 in Braiding Sweetgrass last week, we addressed the idea of extending human rights to nature. In this section of the text, Robin Wall Kimmerer underscores the benefit of interacting with  nature in a relational…

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BOOK STUDY- All We Can Save: Truth, Courage, and Solutions for the Climate Crisis

CCA is excited to host an “All We Can Save: Truth, Courage, and Solutions for the Climate Crisis”  Circle series for those seeking to discover, explore and participate in meaningful conversation about climate change and climate action.   The All…

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Creation Care Symposium Set for January 28-29

Sacred Lands, Sacred Bodies; Faithfully Caring for People and Place.  Register here   Thursday, January 28 – Friday, January 29 Morning and afternoon ZOOM sessions will be offered each day with times and details to be announced soon Download…

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Climate Ambassador Training with CCA, Blessed Tomorrow and Green Chalice

As we witness and experience impacts on our health, livelihoods, and communities, we are increasingly looking for guidance on solutions from leaders in our daily lives — health, faith, and community.   Blessed Tomorrow’s work aims to support major faith institutions and faith leaders with…

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Canceled- Love your Neighbors, Trees, Land, Plants and Animals

Volunteers from St. Eugene Catholic Church pray together after planting native plants in the Friendship Garden. Photo: Mike Belleme

Love your Neighbors, Trees, Land, Plants, and Animals St. Eugene Catholic Church 72 Culvern St, Asheville, NC 28804 May 7, 5:30-7pm All are welcome to join leaders from St. Eugene Catholic Church, MountainTrue and the Creation Care Alliance as we…

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Scavenger Hunt: Neighborhood Natives and Meditation.

What do Oaks, Violets, Native Bees and Robins have in common?  They are native species in Western North Carolina and they are part of the CCA Neighborhood Natives Scavenger Hunt. While we are caring for our human neighbors by maintaining…

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Eco-Challenge Team 2020- Join us

This month we will celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day!  We recognize that we are in the midst of collective trauma and chaos. However, if you are able and interested in joining us as we focus on individual ecological…

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