Welcome CCA Intern Jessica Rowe!

Welcome to the newest CCA team member.  Jessica Rowe grew up in a small town in South Central Virginia on a piece of farmland. She is currently in her first year at Wake Forest University Divinity School pursuing a Masters in Divinity with a focus in food, faith, and sustainability. Before moving to North Carolina she lived in New York City with her husband Stephen for four years. While living in New York, Jessica worked with a couple of nonprofits, ministries, and a small business serving and building communities seeking justice in response to faith commitments. Each of these workplaces connected her to the reality and daily rhythms of faith-based justice work and ministry. Her experiences serving people experiencing homelessness, college students and ministry staff, and people with barriers to employment further reinforced her passion to seek justice across racial and economic barriers. They also clarified her convictions of the unique role and supreme importance of pursuing environmental stewardship and sustainable practices in faith-based justice work and ministry spaces. She looks forward to learning more about CCA and hopes to learn important formation skills from working with congregations around caring for and preserving the Earth.

She will be growing together with CCA in these ways this summer (and a few more).

Co-Leading a Book Study on the Pope’s Encyclical on Climate Change
Offering outreach to CCA Congregation
Participating in groups and events

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