About Us

The Creation Care Alliance of Western North Carolina (CCAWNC) is a network of people of faith and congregations who have united around a moral and spiritual call to preserve the integrity, beauty and health of God’s creation. We bring practical and hopeful solutions to our congregations and broader secular communities by engaging hearts and minds through inspiration, education, service, and advocacy. Our work is an expression of our love of God and God’s love for the earth and all life.

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  • Compassion – We cultivate love and understanding. By uniting with those inspired to connect with and protect God’s creation, we experience a community that celebrates the goodness at the core of every human and the love of God in creation.
  • Action – We put our faith into action. We pray with our hands and voices through service, education, and advocacy.
  • Collaboration – We are stronger together. As a network of individuals, congregations and other organizations, our voices are united on behalf of God’s creation and our neighbors who are harmed by environmental injustices.
  • Connection/Contemplation – We seek to be resilient in our work, play, rest and in all we do by connecting more deeply to nature, ourselves, one another and the sacred.


The Creation Care Alliance of Western NC is open to all faith communities and people of faith in Western North Carolina that are aware of God’s gift of creation and want to be better stewards of the earth. Several congregations in Western North Carolina are involved in efforts to “green” their membership through sermons, seminars, studies of holy writings, and outdoor experiences, as well as their facilities through environmental improvements such as energy efficiency, solar panel installation, and community gardens. Other congregations are working to engage members in advocacy efforts and still others are in need of information about what to do and how to do it. Regardless of where you or your congregation may be on this continuum, all are invited to be part of the Creation Care Alliance of Western NC.

What Guides Us?

CCAWNC aims to bring together morally-driven citizens and organizations, whether they are clergy, congregations, people of faith, or other community members, to support and expand our creation care efforts through:

  • Inspiration by coming together to experience gratitude, hope, and awe at the wonders of God’s creation and to express sorrow for the injustices done to it;
  • Education by partnering on educational events and sharing information and resources;
  • Service by providing assistance and support to individuals and congregations engaging in environmental justice service activities; and
  • Advocacy by using our voices to call for the protection of God’s creation in the public sphere.
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