The Creation Care Alliance of Western North Carolina aims to bring together morally-driven citizens and organizations, whether they are clergy, congregations, people of faith, or other community members, to support and expand our creation care efforts through inspiration, education, service, and advocacy.

We compassionately advocateĀ at all levels of government for better policies that will protect creation for future generations and protect vulnerable populations from the disastrous impacts of climate change. Ways we advocate range from traveling to Raleigh, NC to meet face to face with our elected representatives to talk about our policy priorities, tracking proposed legislation and alerting our members about opportunities for public comment on both policy threats and policy opportunities, and also explaining our policy positions to our members and the general public through letters to the editor, blog posts, and events so that our supporters can be prepared to voice their own concerns to their elected officials. We hope you will join with us in making sure our elected leaders have the information they need to take care of the earth in the same way we ask that they take care of the people they represent.

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