Guide for Creation Care

Guide for Creation Care 

A culmination of congregational wisdom, science, sustainability, prayer, educational theory, and ecology, our Guide to Cultivating Care for Creation provides tangible ways to act on behalf of your neighbors and Creation.

Below you will find a toolkit designed specifically for churches, spiritual communities, and people of faith. Like an active spiritual life, this is more than a static “to do” list; we hope this resource will be a dynamic guidebook that will point your congregation toward next steps, future ideas, and innovations to living in right relationship as a community. There is also a handy pdf guide to top-line recommendations, that you can download as a pdf here.

We also know it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start your creation care journey. For many congregations, we’ve offered a “Discerning Next Steps” workshop to guide folks through the toolkit and settle on their next steps. However, we can’t be present in all places, so we want to empower you to host your own workshop. You can download tips for facilitating the workshop, the Listening to Your Community Exercise worksheet, and the Pathways worksheet we use in this workshop. Slides for the workshop to come soon.

Use this guide and your intention of caring for Creation will not only grow your own heart and community, but will support your most vulnerable neighbors, creatures, and future generations.

Blessings on the journey.

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Sustainability Practices

Waste Reduction

Planting Seeds: Begin recycling and waste reduction measures (don’t purchase single-use plastics or Styrofoam, offer recycling, etc.). Learn More.

Nurturing Growth: Begin composting and using compostable products. Learn More.

Deepening Roots: Continue taking steps toward producing zero waste. Learn More.


Planting Seeds: Begin offering vegetarian options at community meals. Learn More.

Nurturing Growth: Provide and promote plant rich or meatless meals regularly. Learn More.

Deepening Roots: Purchase locally-grown and/or organic produce and meat when available. Learn More.


Planting Seeds: Encourage carpooling, walking, biking, and other energy-saving transportation methods. Learn More.

Nurturing Growth: Engage a regular prayer or meditation practice centered around Creation (such as praying the Creation Psalms). Learn More.

Deepening Roots: Make energy-efficient transportation more easily accessible for your community (coordinate carpool routes, etc.). Learn More.

Spirituality and Worship

Worship Experiences

Planting Seeds: Focus on care for Creation during special worship services, such as on Earth Day or Creation Sunday. Learn more.

Nurturing Growth: Include reflections and messages centered on Creation in worship at least once per season. Learn more.

Deepening Roots: Make regular reference to Creation in worship experiences throughout the year. Learn more.

Reconnecting with Nature

Planting Seeds: Participate in a nature appreciation event (a hike, retreat, garden visit, etc.). Learn more.

Nurturing Growth: Offer an outdoor nature appreciation / conservation event in your community. Learn more.

Deepening Roots: Host a nature event that invites people outside your faith tradition or community. Learn more.

Prayer and Meditation

Planting Seeds: Spend time in prayer, meditation, or contemplation and explore the Sacred Texts from your spiritual tradition. Learn more.

Nurturing Growth: Engage a regular prayer or meditation practice centered around Creation (such as praying the Creation Psalms). Learn more.

Deepening Roots: Practice radical Sabbath and provide opportunities for meditation, prayer, and reflection in outdoor spaces. Learn more.


Classes and Conversations

Planting Seeds: Host a forum, panel discussion, or Creation care event. Learn more.

Nurturing Growth: Offer an environmental book study or film series. Learn more.

Deepening Roots: Provide regular events, studies, speakers, and classes focused on care for Creation. Learn more.

Children and Youth

Planting Seeds: Offer a children / youth event or class focused on care for Creation. Learn more.

Nurturing Growth: Provide extended children / youth events, such as VBS or camp, centered around Creation. Learn more.

Deepening Roots: Incorporate teachings about Creation care into regular children and youth education and programming. Learn more.

Media Communication

Planting Seeds: Include an article or blurb about environmental efforts in your newsletter or community emails. Learn more.

Nurturing Growth: Write or include regular environmental publications on your website or in a newsletter. Learn more.

Deepening Roots: Join communication efforts with affiliated faith groups or community partners. Learn more.

Buildings and Grounds


Planting Seeds: Begin basic energy conservation practices (turn off lights, adjust thermostats, etc.). Learn more.

Nurturing Growth: Conduct an energy audit and begin implementing changes. Learn more.

Deepening Roots: Move toward larger-scale efficiency measures (solar panels, new windows, etc.). Learn more.


Planting Seeds: Assess your facility’s current water usage. Learn more.

Nurturing Growth: Begin reducing water usage in simple ways (fix leaky faucets or toilets, etc.). Learn more.

Deepening Roots: Implement long-term changes in water usage (low-flow toilets, etc.). Learn more.

Landscaping and Grounds

Planting Seeds: Get to know your land and property by exploring its history and its place within the community. Learn more.

Nurturing Growth: Assess your landscaping practices and take steps towards earth-friendly solutions (remove invasive species, avoid pesticides, etc.). Learn more.

Deepening Roots: Establish an intentional garden on your land (such as a permaculture or community garden). Learn more.

Earth-Friendly Cleaning

Planting Seeds: Assess cleaning supplies used throughout the building and consider toxic impacts. Learn more.

Nurturing Growth: Research environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and practices. Learn more.

Deepening Roots: Implement sustainable practices and purchase eco-friendly products as supplies need replacing. Learn more.

Fellowship and Outreach

Creation Care Team

Planting Seeds: Explore denominational resources regarding Creation and host a Creation Care Team formation potluck / interest meeting . Learn more.

Nurturing Growth: Establish a Creation Care Team that meets regularly (at least once per month). Learn more.

Deepening Roots: Seek ways to collaborate with other Creation Care Teams and congregations locally. Learn more.

Community Impact

Planting Seeds: Identify specific environmental needs of the faith or larger community. Learn more.

Nurturing Growth: Participate in community environmental outreach and advocacy initiatives. Learn more.

Deepening Roots: Encourage ongoing involvement with and support of environmental initiatives. Learn more.

Creation Care Alliance Partnership

Planting Seeds: Send a representative to attend Creation Care Alliance meetings. Learn more.

Nurturing Growth: Deepen relationship with the Creation Care Alliance and explore a covenant partnership. Learn more.

Deepening Roots: Establish ongoing collaboration with the Creation Care Alliance, including sharing space, wisdom and resources. Learn more.

Advocacy & Finance


Planting Seeds: Learn about governmental systems and the positions of your policy makers and local officials. Learn more.

Nurturing Growth: Advocate for Creation by building relationships with your legislators through emails, phone calls, mail, and in-person visits. Learn more.

Deepening Roots: Encourage one another to sit on citizen committees and councils or consider running for elected positions in local government. Learn more.


Planting Seeds: Practice having compassionate conversations about government that are not party-specific. Learn more.

Nurturing Growth: Learn about election related dates, vote your values, and coordinate efforts to help community members do the same. Learn more.

Deepening Roots: Join in interfaith and community efforts that support voting rights and access. Learn more.


Planting Seeds: Meet with your treasurer or financial team to discuss your current investments. Learn more.

Nurturing Growth: Explore and learn about environmentally and socially responsible investment options. Learn more.

Deepening Roots: Reallocate your investments to align with Creation care values. Learn more.